Vendors, Supplies, etc.

Here are all of the places that I get all of my supplies and info from:


  • Little Machine Shop – Chris can get you setup on anything “machine tool” as long as it’s the hobby size.  I can’t recommend his business highly enough.
  • MSC Industrial – this is the place to get anything metalworking related.  They can be a little pricey, but they can deliver anything in their catalog within 24 hours if that means anything to you.
  • Enco – MSC’s competitor that is now owned by MSC.  They tend to have better pricing.  Subscibe to their email advertising to get some great coupons for discounts and free shipping.
  • Online Metals – if you only need a small piece of metal for your project, these are the folks.


  • Highland Hardware – with its origins as a small hardware store in Atlanta, GA, on the corner of Virgina and North Highland roads, they have grown to become a leading supplier of all things woodworking.
  • Woodcraft – another good supplier of woodworking tools and equipment.

Vintage Machinery Supplies (see also Metalworking above)

  • Debolt Machine – small reproduction drip oilers, flywheels, steam engine kits, and other supplies.

Antique Woodworking Tools

  • Midwest Tool Collectors Association – THE tool collecting group with annual meets to buy tools.
  • eBay – this well known auction site is where I buy most of my smaller antique woodworking tools.


  • Van Dyke’s Restorers – suppliers of all kinds of specialty reproduction hardware and supplies for antique furniture and old houses.

Reference Books

  • Amazon – a good starting point for some books but they can be more expensive than other sources.
  • Astragal Press – these folks specialize in books on historical subjects.  Both re-prints of old books as well as new books on historic subjects are available.

Antique Sewing Machines

Model Trains

Vintage Electrical Supplies

Amateur (Ham) Radio

Antique Camera Equipment

Modern Camera Equipment

  • Really Right Stuff – makers of the best camera accessories, period.
  • Thom Hogan – camera equipment reviews.  Be forewarned that he is a nature photographer and tends to favor wide angle lenses.
  • Ken Rockwell – camera and camera equipment reviews.  Ken’s review can be slightly conflicting, so read with that understanding.
  • Adorama – supplier of cameras, lenses, and related equipment.
  • Amazon – along with a plethora of other things that can be purchased on Amazon, they also have good deals on camera stuff.  My latest cameras and lenses were purchased here.
  • B&H Photo – one of the original camera stores.  They are completely trustworthy despite being in New York (there are lots of shadey dealers in New York).
  • KEH Camera – sellers of both new and used cameras and equipment.  I’ve been to their storefront and they are reputable folks.  If you are looking for used equipment, this is the place to go.