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Edward Preston & Sons Spokeshave

Edward Preston’s tools are famous for their ornate design and this week’s antique is no slouch in the design department.  This cast iron, flat bottom spokeshave is covered in Victorian scroll work.

Preston Spokeshave

Preston Spokeshave

This scroll work covers the top, the back, and the cap.

Preston Spokeshave - Back

Preston Spokeshave – Back

Probably the most unique part of this early metallic spokeshave is the depth adjustment mechanism.  As shown below, it is attached to the cap and fits into a silhouetted recess in the blade.  The cap is centered on the treaded mounting post with a tapered base wing nut.  This acts as a spherical bearing to correct for any deviations in alignment.

Preston Spokeshave - Disassembled

Preston Spokeshave – Disassembled

Edward Preston & Sons began business in 1825 and continued through various mergers and sales (beginning in 1932) before finally becoming part of Record Tool Company which survives to this day.

Preston Spokeshave - Side

Preston Spokeshave – Side

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  1. Anonymous

    The Record tool company was absorbed by Bacho, and then bought by Irwin. Most (all?) former Record model tools surviving these corporate purchases are no longer made in Sheffield UK and are not made to the former higher standard which Record used. Preston spokeshaves were dropped by Record early on….and no one has made the single adjuster style since. Lee Valley recently started producing a Preston look-alike but they chose to produce a near copy of a model 1374 Preston spokeshave which did not have a blade adjuster.,50230
    Really nice photographs, but please, please do your homework before posting yet more misleading info on the web. There is enough garbage on the web already.

    1. techwriter007

      I’m always learning Anonymous. The information you provided is quite different from many online sources (the garbage you refer to?). Which books would you recommend for the correct information?

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