Documenting Progress

I’ve been restoring antiques since 1992.  In that time we’ve seen tremendous change in our world:  the rise of the internet, cell phones, email, text, social media, GPS navigation, and digital photography just to name a few.  Music transitioned from tape to CD to digital download.  Stealth became American military philosophy...


A Tale of Two Reviews

I take a lot of pictures.  I mean a LOT of pictures.  I have a camera glued to me or within arms reach just about everywhere I go.  Photography, antiques, and projects are my hobbies.  My degree is in Technical Writing, so it all melded with this blog:  history,...

Classically Styled Camera Bag

Elegant Camera Storage

If your sole objective as a photographer is to capture a pivotal moment in time (such as the Twin Towers, the Murrah Building, or the flag at Iwo Jima), then it is justifiable to treat your expensive camera gear as disposable objects.  However, most of us are not professional...

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta (c. 1956-60)

A New Life for Vintage Cameras?

Prior to the digital photography we know and love today, cameras were nothing more than a an opaque box (camera body) containing a light sensitive material (film) that could be exposed by opening a hole (shutter) to allow light to be focused (using a lens) on the film.  People...