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Codex of Endeavors

In my post on the four things makers should have, I mentioned that I had a sketchbook to record ideas and plan future projects:  a Codex of Endeavors.  This Codex is a more recent development because, despite what you might think, I wasn’t always this organized.  Originally when ideas hit, I...

A-12 Oxcart Spyplane

A Short Detour Into Modern History

At work, I try to keep my staff’s stress levels in check by having a “Word of the Day” or a “Trivia Question of the Day” posted on a white board.  The way this works is that I, or anyone on my staff, will write a word or trivia question...

1895 Millers Patent Plow Plane

Mixing Beauty Back Into Our Lives

Art Nouveau, Deco, and late Victorian are fascinating design philosophies with their own distinct interpretation of beauty.  Art Nouveau takes its ques from nature with intricate, interwoven organic forms.  The design philosophy of the elves in the recent Lord of the Rings movies was based on Art Nouveau, and...