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Ruskin Published by Dana Estes & Company

Our antique for this week are two “Illustrated Sterling Editions” of collected writings/lectures by John Ruskin which were published by Dana Estes & Company.  There are no copyright dates in the volumes, but Dana Estes & Company operated in Boston, MA, 1898-1914, so these two works were published sometime...


1893 Pocket Novel “From the Easy Chair”

Perhaps it’s a bit of irony that the word antiquarian should be so closely associated with antique books instead of its true meaning of “old things”.  Thus, the irony is not lost on me that this post about an antique book is on my Antiquarian Endeavors blog about all...

Barnes & Noble "Collectable Editions" header

Elegant, Cost Effective Books Are Back on the Shelves

While milling around Barnes & Noble, I ran across some classics that had been reprinted in a style similar to the Franklin Library and Easton Press books.  These new-in-the-plastic-wrap books are Barnes & Noble Collectable Editions that are printed in China exclusively for Barnes & Noble.  They average $18 –...

Encyclopedia Brittanica header

A Strange Aquisition

While on a recent business trip to South Georgia, I took a turn though the little town of Hogansville.  The corner antique shop and book store has always been a favorite of mine and I highly recommend going if you get a chance.  To be honest, I’m almost finished...

1895 Millers Patent Plow Plane

Mixing Beauty Back Into Our Lives

Art Nouveau, Deco, and late Victorian are fascinating design philosophies with their own distinct interpretation of beauty.  Art Nouveau takes its ques from nature with intricate, interwoven organic forms.  The design philosophy of the elves in the recent Lord of the Rings movies was based on Art Nouveau, and...