Antique of the Week

Watch Timing Washers - header image

Swartchild & Co. Wrist Watch Timing Washers

I recently purchased some watch related antiques that included this Swartchild & Company boxed selection of timing washers for wrist watches.  The all cardboard box measures just under 5 inches long, just under 1-3/4 inches wide, and 5/8 of an inch high. There are twelve vials in the set. ...

Stanley No 71 - header image

Stanley No. 71 Router Plane

Today’s antique is a Stanley Number 71 router plane.  These planes, and the later No 71-1/2, were used to level the bottom of a groove or other recess to a plane parallel to the surface. This particular plane is unique for a few reasons that I want to walk...

Stanley No. 100 Plane - header image

Stanley No. 100 Squirrel Tail Block Plane

The Lilliputian sized Stanley No. 100 squirrel tail plane is a cute little tool that is actually quite useful.  Its diminutive 3-1/2″ length and 1″ wide blade are much smaller than most metal planes, but they are still properly designed to make shavings. I inherited the red tailed plane...

Razee Jack Plane - header image

Razee Jack Plane Owned by L. Ruggles

I love razee woodworking planes because they’re just a little different and their design is a little more advanced than normal wood planes.  Razee is taken from the French words vaisseau razé which means a “razed” or cut down ship with fewer decks, and razee planes are cut down...

C. S. Osborne Leather Strap Cutter - header image

C. S. Osborne & Co. Leather Strap Cutter

This week’s antique is a #44 C.S. Osborne & Co. leather strap cutter or “draw gauge”.  These tools were used to cut straps (such as belts) by drawing the blade down a piece of leather with the edge of the leather riding against the tool body.  This tool works...

Unmarked Metal Spokeshave - header

Adjustable Spokeshave

This week’s antique is a 10″ wide, straight handled, cast iron spokeshave that bears no maker’s mark (“unmarked”).  It has an adjustable mouth plate with decorative scrollwork details.  The slotted screw secures the 2-1/8″ wide blade.  The “straight knurled” thumbscrew adjusts the mouth opening. As shown below, it is...

Filmo Projector Oil Can - header image

More About Small Oil Cans

In an earlier post, I discussed fishing reel and typewriter oilers however I was unaware of yet another commercial use for these little oil cans.  Apparently, they were also sold for use with home film projectors. There is a patent date stamped into the bottom that says “PAT.FEB 18.1896”. ...

Marlow & Co. Mantel Clock - blog post header image

Marlow & Company Mantel Clock

This week’s antique is a miniature Marlow & Co. mantel clock.  Little is written on the interweb about Marlow’s miniature clocks, but there is a nice document about Andrew Marlow here that was published by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. The case is mahogany with a...

Nosing Plane - Makers Mark on Front (Toe) header

I. Guest/James Cam Nosing Plane

This week’s antique is a beech nosing plane made by I. Guest with a laminated blade made by James Cam. Nosing planes were used to round off the front edge, or nose, of a stair tread.  These planes were sometimes referred to as forkstaff planes because they were also...

Candelabra - blog header

A Beautiful Candelabra – Light for All Occasions

This week’s antique is a silver plated candelabra, or more correctly a candelabrum.  It is a more recent but still beautiful example of art in the form of a candlestick holder. I believe it is more recent due to the acorn nut that secures the center section together.  As...