Blogs & Websites of Interest


Throughout History – Shahan’s wonderful blog on all things historical.

The Rational Male – I ran across Rollo’s blog while researching how male/female relations have changed over time.  He has also published a couple of excellent books.  Be careful about taking the Red Pill because you can’t go back into the Matrix.

Cold War History

Civil Defense Museum – I’m fascinated by Cold War history and this site is a true pictorial archive of the technology of the era.


Tubalcain’s machine shop videos on youtube are superb.  I recovered from my last surgery watching about 160 of his “Shop Tips” videos.

9×20 Metal Lathes

Steve Bedair’s lathe mods – Steve and the Yahoo group led 9×20 lathe modification revolution.

Micro Machine Shop – Dr. Alan Pinkus’s website on his shop which includes mods to his 9×20 lathe.

Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome

Post Vasectomy Pain Forum – This is an excellent support group for men suffering from PVPS.