American Blower Corporation Size 00 Blower

I was struck by the uniqueness of this little air mover when I first saw it.  The size 00 American Blower Corporation blower.

American Blower Corporation Blower 3/4 View

Google shows this to be the miniature version of the “Success Utility Blower” listed in their 1931 and 1938 catalogs.  This little squirrel cage blower measures 8″ long, 8-1/4″ high, and with a base 5-3/4″ wide.  The squirrel cage is approximately 4″ in diameter.  The nameplate is shown below.  While many blowers are designed to suck air from a specific area and pipe it to a specific discharge point, this particular blower (as shown above) is not designed to mount any sort of intake pipe.

American Blower Corporation Blower Nameplate

It’s a stout little machine that is quite hefty.  The wires are cloth covered and showing age, but the blower still runs well.

As shown in the bottom right photo of the gallery above, the motor has small oilers on the front and back.  American Blower didn’t make the motor though, General Electric did.

American Blower Corporation Blower Motor Nameplate

Notice that the horsepower is given in Watts because of the motor’s small size (10W equates to approximately 67/5000 HP).  This little blower works well as both a tabletop fan and conversation piece.

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