AE Report for October 2017

The decline of the West.  You’ve heard it before.  It’s a cliché that gets passed around when people complain about politics and when old folks say “Back in my day…”, but I’m not sure everyone realizes just how true this is.  The point of this blog is to bring back some of the beauty and richness of the past and incorporate it into today’s living.  I would have no reason to write this blog if the West wasn’t in decline.  Stop and think about that for a minute.

Everything can be measured to have a cycle, and civilization is no different.  Ozwald Spengler in his 1918 book, The Decline of the West, matched the rise and fall of civilizations to the seasons spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Spring defines a new civilization.  Summer capitalizes on that founding.  Fall shows few new ideas and little or no traditional growth.  And, winter is the failing of the civilization while other civilizations are beginning their spring.

In the West, we’re in the fall.  Make no mistake, we’re headed square into winter.  For the USA, we’ll still be a superpower and a dynamic world leader in many areas for decades to come, but America isn’t living in its summer any longer.  Don’t believe me?  How many movie and TV remakes have you seen lately?  How many times do you stop and think there aren’t many new and original ideas floating around?  It’s just more of the same, right?  This applies across our society.  Sure, there is another iPhone about to be released and tech continues to advance, but Americans don’t embrace and feel proud and enriched by our society.  Americans are an interesting dichotomy of distrust of government and welcoming of a one world people with the death of American society.

For several generations, there has been a war on work that is the result of our decline.  Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame said it best during his 2008 TED talk.


The sexual revolution and the more recent man-hating feminism also spurred some of this decline.  Women are trying to be men and men have been turned into women.  We no longer celibrate our differences.  I shake my head every time I hear a women ask where all of the good men have gone.  The majority of this blog’s readership is men, so while keeping Spengler’s seasons in mind, check out the meme below.

The Cycle of Civilization

We’re in the fall of our civilization.  Men are weak, but we don’t have to be.  Men of the west need to follow Chopper’s (NSFW) advice:


I know I’m preaching to the choir because you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have skills.  So, I have some homework for you:  make it your mission to turn weak men into real men.  It’s not hard.  Just share your passion for making and pass on some real world, hands on skills.


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