Wallpapers Galore!

Many of the pictures on this blog tell the story of the process, the “how to”, of making something.  They are illustrative in intent, and I post a rather large version of these pictures so my readers can zoom in and see the details.  The below pictures are examples of this.

However, this blog is also about visual beauty and how to recapture that beauty and add it back into our lives.  I strive to represent some of that beauty in my photography.  Scattered throughout my posts are pictures that can stand alone as desktop wallpaper.  I’ve enjoyed them for that purpose and want to share some ready made versions for your enjoyment.  The “Wallpapers” link under the top left menu (or tap the “Menu” button to access the link on your mobile device) will take you to an entire page dedicated to beautiful photography from this blog.  I’ll continue to add to this page as the site grows and as suggestions for specific wallpapers are received.  Enjoy!

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