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A-12 Oxcart Spyplane

A Short Detour Into Modern History

At work, I try to keep my staff’s stress levels in check by having a “Word of the Day” or a “Trivia Question of the Day” posted on a white board.  The way this works is that I, or anyone on my staff, will write a word or trivia question...

Barnes & Noble "Collectable Editions" header

Elegant, Cost Effective Books Are Back on the Shelves

While milling around Barnes & Noble, I ran across some classics that had been reprinted in a style similar to the Franklin Library and Easton Press books.  These new-in-the-plastic-wrap books are Barnes & Noble Collectable Editions that are printed in China exclusively for Barnes & Noble.  They average $18 –...

Athern N-scale 4-8-8-4 Big Boy Locomotive header

About Finishing Projects

Several years ago, my wife purchased a Bachmann N-scale “Empire Builder” train set for me.  It was a starter set that included a heavy steam locomotive, a small selection of freight cars, a power pack, and an oval of Bachmann’s quick connecting track.  Man was I stoked!    ...

Steam Gauge header

Documenting Progress

I’ve been restoring antiques since 1992.  In that time we’ve seen tremendous change in our world:  the rise of the internet, cell phones, email, text, social media, GPS navigation, and digital photography just to name a few.  Music transitioned from tape to CD to digital download.  Stealth became American military philosophy...