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Maple leaves in October 2006, taken with Nikon D70s handheld with 18-70mm DX lens

A Tale of Two Reviews

I take a lot of pictures.  I mean a LOT of pictures.  I have a camera glued to me or within arms reach just about everywhere I go.  Photography, antiques, and projects are my hobbies.  My degree is in Technical Writing, so it all melded with this blog:  history,...

American SMC Treadle Logo

About Those Sewing Machines…

During the recent market crash of ’08, antiques hit bottom dollar and I crossed off most of the items on my Antique Bucket List.  However, I have a special affinity for hand cranked and treadle powered tools.  The market was bad, so why not add a few sewing machines to the mix,...

Set of Union X Planes

The Union X Plane Family is Finally Together

Before moving to our new house, I continued to collect items on my Antique Bucket List and, because I didn’t really have space to work on them, I just put them into storage.  Since space was so limited and since similar items were bought at different times, I didn’t actually store similar items together. ...

Encyclopedia Brittanica header

A Strange Aquisition

While on a recent business trip to South Georgia, I took a turn though the little town of Hogansville.  The corner antique shop and book store has always been a favorite of mine and I highly recommend going if you get a chance.  To be honest, I’m almost finished...


Exciting Status Update

Happy New Year!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but getting a new job and moving to a beautiful new house can do that to you!  We’re still sort of living out of boxes, but I can report that we doubled our living square footage and added an unfinished basement.  The...