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The True Cost of a Safe and Simple Procedure

My uber-post this week is about my horribly painful two year journey trying to cure post vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS).  This supposedly safe and simple procedure is becoming more common and is being pushed by both doctors (who profit greatly) and by women (who typically have a self centered...


A Profound Discovery

Earlier I wrote a post about a Value List to give yourself a little financial irony.  It detailed the items the had greatly improved your life (as opposed to a list of people who have changed your life or a list of sentimental items).  I hoped you would see...

1/8" Ring Turn with coil and sample ring

The Evolution of Design

At one time, I was gainfully employed making reproduction chain mail armor for one of the leading historical armor retail sales businesses.  Chain mail is made by linking individual rings together to form a metal fabric and tailoring the shape to fit the human form.  It is time consuming...

Wheeler and Wilson treadle logo header

The Secret to Finding the Best Antiques

Some of my friends and antique collecting associates are routinely frustrated that I have so much luck at finding some of the most interesting antiques.  While I believe that I have some personal sunshine following me around, I don’t believe luck helps me on the antique trail.  Earlier in...

Antique Bottle header image

Why I’ll Probably Have to Start Drinking…

Lately, antique glass bottles have caught my eye and taken a small toll on my wallet.  They are inexpensive and are often much older than people realize.  Many of the bottles now on the market are “dug” which means they have been excavated from where they were thrown away...

Atwater Kent E3 speaker (front)

Atwater Kent E3 Speaker Project

I strongly suggest that you take up the hobby of amateur (Ham) radio.  There are numerous clubs around the country and plenty of info on the web to get you started.  While I’m not a “hard core” enthusiast, I do see the benefit of being able to contact others...


The Fourth Item Every Maker Should Have

Like all makers and other creative souls, I enjoy the journey of creating, modifying, or restoring things in my pursuit to bring the best of the past to life.  That takes some planning and organization, so just like me, I’m sure you have these same three things in your...